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Angela Taylor: Alternative Singer-Songwriter

Angela's music is a hi-fi mix of indie pop + alternative styles. Her music is often compared to that of Sheryl Crow & Michelle Branch. Represented by Skinny Girl Records, the second pressing of "Songs for Strong Girls" has arrived, and is now available for your listening enjoyment!

Audio Download "Songs for Strong Girls" Tracks:
1. Don't You Know - a story of fatal attraction   MP3 sample
2. Chicago 89 - a modern Janie's got a gun   MP3 sample
3. Sad Thing to Wonder - what if fate dealt a different hand   MP3 sample
4. Don't Give Him Your Love for Free - featuring Ms. Olene   MP3 sample
5. It's a Wonderful Life - featuring John Jennings Gtr+Vox   MP3 sample
6. Now I'm in Charge of Me - girl power rules!   MP3 sample
7. Anything - a story about the one that got away   MP3 sample
8. I'm Not Here - anti abuse message for girls and women   MP3 sample
9. Taste - raw, sexy, indie power-pop   MP3 sample
Album produced by John Jennings and Angela Taylor
All songs mixed by Angela Taylor except "Anything" mixed by Lawrence Manchester
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Songs for Strong Girls Onesheet:
Industry - get all the info you require in one concise page.
UPC, Song titles/descriptions/timing, Bio, etc.
Onesheet now available in pdf format. (344KB)

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